PolioPlus Mother’s Day Card Program

You may know that Rotary District 5170 was running a PolioPlus fundraising program which entailed selling Mother’s Day cards with a PolioPlus theme based on a program started by the Rotary Club of Sunnyvale a few years back. PolioPlus of course is the program that Rotary International started and has remained an integral part of since 1985 to eradicate polio worldwide. The cards sold for $10.00 and the program brought in $20, 580. Not a bad way to commemorate mothers worldwide with the message of the eradication of polio is “THIS CLOSE!!”

MotherDaYCardFront                                                  logo_EPN


2 thoughts on “PolioPlus Mother’s Day Card Program

    • Emily…..Thanks for the post and the support of the program. I have been chatting with District Governors and PDG’s
      about the program as I travel for my Rotary products business. Perhaps because this was the first year of the intensive district
      wide effort in 5170, other districts took a wait and see approach. I will be PolioPlus Chair for D5170 starting July 1, 2014. My
      plan is to run this program again next year and contact other districts to recruit their support. Perhaps with the success we have had this year,
      others will try it.

      Something else to keep in mind, is that I am in the process of putting together a PolioPlus bicycle fundraiser in Silicon Valley. Current plans are to have four courses 10, 25, 50, and 100 miles. Riders will be asked to raise funds to participate. I will be looking at corporate sponsors
      for the ride. The idea of the ride is to raise funds for PolioPlus but also to educate people about the need to continue the effort to finish the
      eradication of polio worldwide. I am looking at getting media involved which will also assist in getting corporate sponsors.

      The event will have an open invitation for riders and I will be contacting at least the districts on the West Coast including D5110 and others
      as I travel.


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