Marvelous Article about Current Status of Polio Eradication Worldwide

The link is to a marvelous overview of the current status of the eradication of polio in the 3 remianing endemic countries. The endemic countries are Nigeria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. These countries are the last remaining countries worldwide that generate polio virus. Once the generation of the virus has been halted, the world will be on the final path to worldwide eradication of only the second disease in human history to be eradicated. While some of the article is uncomfortable to read because of the political obstacles described, remember India. In 2009, India had over 700 new cases of polio. Many felt because of India and the heavy caseload, polio could not possibly be eradicated. Earlier this year, India was certifed polio free after 3 years of not one case of polio. We need to stay the course and focus on the goal of a polio free world.

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Crowd Funding Campaign Raising Funds to Eradicate Polio

I am running a crowd funding campaign to raise money for PolioPlus. PolioPlus is Rotary International’s effort to eradicate polio worldwide. PolioPlus has helped to lower the new cases of polio every year from 350,000 to less then 350.