Funding the fight against polio

This was written by Jewat Sunder on a post on It is a very concise but quick sense of why we must continue the effort to eradicate polio. Even with the extra effort requirerd in Pakistan, we must all continue. My own efforts to help fund polio eradicationd efforts through Rotary’s PolioPlus can be seen at

A child who has tested positive for polio in Pakistan.

By Jewat Sunder, Rotary Club of Khipro Sunders, Pakistan

I recently traveled to the Sanghar District of Pakistan to meet the parents of a child who had tested positive for polio. Rotary members were taking part in immunizing children against polio during a one-day drive.

Seeing the child reminded me all the more why we must eradicate this disease. The parents cooperated with me in distributing vaccination information, and I handed out End Polio Now caps, pencils, and balls.

Just a few drops and we can protect children like this from polio. But we need to continue to remind parents to get their children vaccinated, and we must continue to fund the fight. Please join us in ending polio.


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