If We Are This Close Whay Has Polio Not Been Eradicated

If you find yourself sitting back and wondering why “if we are this close” to eradicating polio worldwide, what is taking so long, read the following article. It will disgust and scare you, but most unfortunately true……



Potential Devastating Middle East polio outbreak on verge of being stopped, say experts

The article referenced by this URL gives the overview of the polio outbreak in the Middle East that heit Syria ansd Iraq over a year ago. It discusses how 27,000,000 children have been vaccinated. The 38 children that contracted polio in Syria in October 2013 were born in Syria after the conflict started there. They had never had the opportunity to be vaccinated.

This stresses the importance of vaccination against polio. Considering the current measles outbreak in the United States, it drives home the importance of vaccinating children with whatever vaccine is available for diseases and appropriate as described by medical professionals.