A Mother’s Tale of Her Five Sons and Their Battle Against Polio

I had the great pleasure and honor to meet PDG Carl Chinnery from Rotary District 6040 when he was RIP Gary Huang’s representative. PDG Carl represented RIP Gary at District 5190’s conference in South Lake Tahoe. PDG Carl is the youngest of 5 sons and each of the 5 sons had polio at the same time. The following video is a version of PDG Carl’s talk. The significant part of the video is when he reads a letter his mother wrote. She was 90 years old. The letter gives a detailed description of the horrors she and PDG Carl’s father lived through. Honestly, the video may be a little uncomfortable to watch. However, if you have had any doubts about the significance of Rotary’s work to eradicate polio, this video will remove all doubts about why we need to continue our efforts towards eradication. Hopefully, it will motivate you to increase your efforts to help educate the public about polio’s current existence and soon to be eliminated worldwide. As of May 20, 2015, there are only 24 new cases of polio worldwide since January 1, 2015. Of course, as part of the efforts, we all need to help raise funds to continue PolioPlus and see the effort through to the end. As always, I am available to make a PolioPlus presentation at your club or any other group you feel is interested in helping Rotary. – See more at: http://rotarydistrict5170.org/#sthash.3WVqMp7C.dpuf


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