No One Unvaccinated for Polio Is Safe

Yes, polio is just a plane ride away. It also can be spread by using the oral vaccine. In a very very small amount of cases, the just barely alive virus used in the oral vaccince can infect children.

Here is how:

A healthy child gets the oral vaccine and is protected for life. The child excretes the virus through feces. Over the next year, the virus morphs into the virulent form. Another child that has not been vaccinated, comes in contact with the virulent virus form. The child contracts the disease.

The message is every child still needs to be vaccinated even in countries that have been declared polio free.

Yes, that includes the United States of America. Less than 60% of children are vaccinated against polio in the USA. Polio can return to the USA just as easily until the world is declared polio free.

The following article discusses the two cases of polio that just appeared in the Ukraine. CLICK HERE

WE ARE THIS CLOSE!!!  LET’S NOT GET COMPLACENT. (Anti-vaxxers reading this blog, please get in touch so we can discuss this)


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