ONLY 70 Cases of Polio in 2015

If you are under 50, you have heard about polio and possibly heard about an iron lung. Thanks to Rotary’s efforts, every time I bring up polio to some one under 50, there is a good chance the person never heard about it. If the person is in his/her 20’s or 30’s, more than likely it is just a sort of knowledge about what polio “was.”

Well, it still is a disease in the world. But the yearly caseload has dropped quite a bit from 300,000 up until the mid 1980’s to 70 this year – 2015.


The picture is of one of the last people to still be living in an iron lung. He was put in one in 1952 and has remained there.

Rotary is dedicated to eliminating polio from the face of the planet.



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