Where Is the Polio Eradication Effort?

In case you wonder what is happening with the effort to eradicate polio, it is still under way. After 2 years of no Wild Virus Polio Type 1 anywhere in Africa, cases appeared in Nigeria. The following article gives a great overview of what is going on to stop the virus from spreading and finally eliminate it. This is a marvelous example of humanity coming together for the good of all humanity.  CLICK HERE



We Must Continue Polio Eradication

I get asked questions about why polio is still not eradicated yet. The Global Polio Eradication Initiative in their Polio Eradication Endgame Strategy called for the last transmission of polio causing infection by December 31, 2014. This would make one think there is no hope since we are now in the second half of 2016 and cases of polio are still happening.

One of my favorite projects that Rotary International runs is the Peace and Conflict Resolution programs. This includes training individuals with some background in the field to be that much more attuned to issues and how to resolve them. Perhaps there is some way graduates of the program could work on issues highlighted in the article at the following link. It discusses a doctor who was a senior member of the polio eradication effort in Pakistan being shot dead. Why would any thinking human being shoot such a doctor???

Pakistan Polio Official Shot Dead in Peshwar CLICK HERE


Bad News from Nigeria about Polio

Bad news from Nigeria. After being polio free for over a year, two new cases of Wild Polio Virus Type 1 have been discovered in NIgeria. Countries need to go through 3 years of no polio cases to be declared “Polio Free.”

If you are a Rotarian and particularly one that is in charge of raising funds in your club or district, this outbreak shows why it is very important to keep educating people about polio. It is not enough to set up campaigns where you ask for donations in an intense month of giving as if ending polio was a game played by piling up numbers of whatever. Donor fatigue will set in and polio will end up coming back because donors will begin to think there really is no end in sight. EDUCATE!!!!!

The following link will take you to an article describing Rotary’s recommitting itself to end polio worldwide.  CLICK HERE


Nigeria Celebrates 2 Years without New Cases of Polio

The polio virus is continuing to disappear from the face of the earth. As most of you know, I am a member of Rotary. In 1985, Rotary started PolioPlus to eradicate polio worldwide. Up until 2 years ago, there were only 3 countries left that were endemic to polio (sources of new wild virus).

On July 24, 2014, Nigeria started the 3 year period to prove it was now polio free. A country needs to have ZERO new cases for 3 years to be declared polio free. Because of certain political issues, there was a sense that Nigeria was one of the countries that would never be polio free since vaccinating against the polio virus was frowned upon by the government.

CLICK HERE to read an article about the current status in Nigeria. IT IS VERY GOOD NEWS!!!!

There are only 19 new cases of polio worldwide since January 1, 2016. This donw from over 300,000 new cases every year before 1985.


Science’s Role in Eradicating Polio

Find out how data and science have pushed us closer than ever to ending polio forever.

When polio has been eradicated, the infrastructure built and the processes developed to vaccinate billions of children against polio will remain in place. They will be used to control and probably eradicate other diseases.

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