World Leaders and the Gates Foundation Pledge $1.2 Billion to Help Eradicate Polio

This morning I attended a plenary session at the 2017 Rotary International Convention . The session was mainly about the status of polio eradication. There have only been 5 cases worldwide since January 1, 2017. The last case of polio was February 20, 2017. With the need for no cases for 3 years to declare the world polio free, the date we need to hope for is February 20, 2020.

Rotary International President John Germ siad that we still need $1.5 billion to finish the eradication of polio worldwide. Within 10 minutes he rattled off donations from world countries that are working as hard as Rotary to eradicate the crippling disease. Then he gave us the grand total of donations (aka at this point pledges). The total RIP Germ gave us brought tears. The donors pledged another $1.2 billion. The Gates Foundation extended their 2 for 1 challenege (for every dollar Rotarians bring in, the Gates Foundation will match with anoither $2.) Where it has been a match upo to $35 million a year until 2018, the match was increased to $50 million and until 2020. View the video to hear from world and business leaders…..

For those of you receiving this email and are not Rotarians, we have been requesting people to donate to the polio eradication effort a minimum of $26.50. The $26.50 represents the first deposit made into what has become The Rotary Foundarion in 1917.

Please think about the incredible thing we are all witnessing……we are on the verge of eradicating the second disease that has effected humans in a horrible way.

I ask as a favor for future generations….your children……your grandchildren….and….please considering donating at $26.50 to eradicate polio before June 30, 2017. That is when the current Rotary year ends and it would be great to end the year with high amount of donations considering how much was pledged today. Get in touch with me if you are not a Rotarian and I will handle the process for you. Rotarians please go online at to donate. Satellite club members you can go online also or contact me about your donation.

Yours In Rotary,
President 2016-2018
Rotary Club of San Jose East/Evergreen


Polio Eradication – This Close Please Consider the Message in the Video

Your donation of at least $26.50 will buy enough vaccine to vaccinate 35 children. You will give them a life time free of polio. Get in touch if you need assistance donating. Rotarian or not, please help finish eradication of this crippling disease.

The following video will explain the current effort in Rotary District 5170 to raise funds for the final steps to eradicate polio from the face of the earth. Yes, it is that significant!!!

CLICK HERE to view the video.


Where Is the Polio Eradication Effort?

In case you wonder what is happening with the effort to eradicate polio, it is still under way. After 2 years of no Wild Virus Polio Type 1 anywhere in Africa, cases appeared in Nigeria. The following article gives a great overview of what is going on to stop the virus from spreading and finally eliminate it. This is a marvelous example of humanity coming together for the good of all humanity.  CLICK HERE



We Must Continue Polio Eradication

I get asked questions about why polio is still not eradicated yet. The Global Polio Eradication Initiative in their Polio Eradication Endgame Strategy called for the last transmission of polio causing infection by December 31, 2014. This would make one think there is no hope since we are now in the second half of 2016 and cases of polio are still happening.

One of my favorite projects that Rotary International runs is the Peace and Conflict Resolution programs. This includes training individuals with some background in the field to be that much more attuned to issues and how to resolve them. Perhaps there is some way graduates of the program could work on issues highlighted in the article at the following link. It discusses a doctor who was a senior member of the polio eradication effort in Pakistan being shot dead. Why would any thinking human being shoot such a doctor???

Pakistan Polio Official Shot Dead in Peshwar CLICK HERE